WiSeWater Outline Graphic


  • Saving up to 80% water
  • Increase yield and quality
  • Reduce manual work


  • Contactless soil moisture measurement
  • Area-wide soil condition monitoring
  • Self optimizing irrigation control

WiSeWater: Saving up to 80% water

WiSeWater is a complete solution for high efficient on-demand irrigation for green land and horticultures. WiSeWater consists of wirelessly networked sensors, measuring soil conditions and controlling the water pump on-demand.

In combination with underground irrigation systems WiSeWater saves up to 80 % of water. As sensor nodes transmit data in the underground, sensors are protected from theft and damages by agricultural machinery. Furthermore WiSeWater detects leakages in pipes and tubes.

Technical details

  • Modular sensor probe installation starting at 5 cm depth
  • Highly scalable network of nodes
  • Empirical determination of optimal moisture (full point)
  • Comprehensive and intutitive visual analysis tool for experts and practioners
  • Different degrees of automation (self-optimizing irrigation control)
  • Invisibility of sensors as they are totally burried into the ground (protected from damage and theft)
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